Who we are

Association for Autism is a registered non-profit association funded by parents of children with autism in Lao People's Democratic Republic. A self-help group existed since 2005 whereas the association was officially registered on 15.03.2012.

The Association for Autism (AfA) represents the interests of persons with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in Lao PDR by promoting their rights, improving their access to appropriate services, and providing them and their families with education, therapy, and training to better equip them to live full and productive lives. 

On 24. September 2011 the General Assembly adopted the Charta of AfA and approved the regulations of the scholarship fund.

During their annual assembly the members of AfA adopted the Strategy and Action Plan for the time 2012-2020.

In December 2014 the second executive board now consisting of 5 members and a control board of 3 members have been elected. President of AfA is Mrs. Phokham Douangdala. Mrs. Thongkham Vongsay became Vice-President and Director of Vientiane Autism Center.

The VISION of AfA reads:

Persons with autism can live a fulfilling life in an understanding environment.

AfA follows its MISSION:

  Represent the interests of persons with autism by promoting their rights and  improving their access to appropriate support services.